Research Programs

The Department has implemented the following projects within the framework of European and National Programs:

  1. Framework “HORIZON2020, Reflective 6-2015”. Project title: “CrossCult. Empowering reuse of digital cultural heritage in context-aware crosscuts of European history”. 11 partners, Partner: Department of Librarianship & Information Studies of University of West Attica. Duration 2016-2019. Total project budget: € 3,500,000. (Submitted: 27/05/2015, approved: 28/10/2015, rated with 14.5 / 15 and came first among 137 proposals submitted). Project website.
  2. “Digital Convergence” framework. Project title: “Development of digital services of the TEI-A Library”. Purpose: the creation of an institutional repository and publishing platform of the institution (Budget: € 958,000). The main deliverables of the project were the repository “Hypatia” and the publishing platform of the Institute.
  3. Erasmus program “Leonardo Da Vinci and LifeLong Learning” of the Department of Library and Information Systems of the TEI of Athens. Duration 2006-present
  4. Program “Grants for Student Internship” 2010-present
  5. “Thalis” framework. Project title: “Development of an integrated environment for the evaluation and documentation of cultural interventions for the preservation of cultural works with non-destructive methods”. Coordinating institution: Department of Chemical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. Duration: 2012-2014. Three Institutions participate in the project: a) National Technical University of Athens, Department of Chemical Engineering b) University of Patras, Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics c) TEI of Athens, Department of Library and Information Systems.