Research Laboratory

Founded in January 2018 the Information Management Research Lab (IML), constitutes the most vital research part of the Department of Archival, Library & Information Studies. The scientific and operational field of the IML is related to the Information Science, the strategies and the methods for the efficient management and utilization of data and information, independently the substrate on which they are maintained and organized.

At the same time, the Lab forges, develops and sustains methods and practices in relation to the management of cultural information which derives from Archives, Libraries, and Museums, while not excluding business data and information for greater decision making within organizations. 

Fostering and cultivating openness, the IML aims to host scientific, business and societal actions that are capable to increase the knowledge among the interest parties in related topics such as data management, databases and metadata structures and organization, information retrieval, search engines, scientometrics and scholarly communication, digitization, documentation, and preservation both for physical and digital subsistence.