Incoming students

1. Data for the Receiving Institution to fill in the Learning Agreement
Receiving Institution Name Faculty/Department Erasmus code (if applicable) Address Country Contact person name; email; phone

University of West Attica (UNIWA)


Department of Archival, Library & Information Studies (ALIS)

[former Department of Library Science and Information Systems]


(former G ATHINE 34)

Campus 1

Agiou Spiridonos Aegaleo 12243

Athens, Greece

Departmental coordinator

Prof. Spiros Zervos +302105385268

International Academic Issues & Students Exchange Department

Stefanos Peroulis

2. Offered modules in English

The Department of Archival, Library & Information Studies (ALIS) offers the following modules (courses) relevant to Information Science for the Erasmus incoming students:

  Course Code Course Title ECTS Winter Spring
1 ALIS-ER-01 Preservation in Libraries and Archives 6 X X
2 ALIS-ER-02 Metadata 6 X  
3 ALIS-ER-03 Archives and Records. An Introduction 6   X
4 ALIS-ER-04 History and Philosophy of Science 6   X
5 ALIS-ER-05 Cognitive Science: Knowledge Representation & Reasoning 6 X  
6 ALIS-ER-06 Web 2.0 Applications 6    X
7 ALIS-ER-07 Scholarly Communication 6 X X
8 ALIS-ER-08 Digital Libraries 6 X  
3. Courses from other Departments (in English)

Incoming students may choose courses from other departments also. Please contact the Erasmus office for more information:

4. Application procedure

The existence of a valid Bilateral Agreement between your University/Department and UNIWA, Department of Archival, Library & Information Studies (ALIS), is required in order to apply as an ERASMUS student to our Department. Please check that with your Academic Coordinator.

If you wish to apply, you should contact your International Office. Your International Office must send an e-mail to our International Office ( nominating you. Essential information which should be included is:

    • Full name of the applying student
    • Contact telephone number and e-mail address
    • Field of studies
    • Receiving Department


After the nomination, you must send to our International Office (

    • Application form (download and fill in electronically)
    • Learning Agreement, duly completed, checked, signed and stamped (download and fill in electronically)
    • a copy of your ID/Passport
    • a copy of your European Health Insurance Card.


Please note the following deadlines:

For the Winter Semester: June, 15

For the Spring Semester: November, 30


It is essential that we have the email address of each nominee, as we will be sending information to the student by email.  

Our International Office communicates with the Erasmus Coordinator of the Department of Archival, Library & Information Studies (ALIS), who makes the final decision of student admission and in turn he informs back the International Office on his decision.


Finally, our International office communicates with the International Office of the student’s Institution, in order to confirm the admission of student applicants.

Once you are formally accepted, you will receive by e-mail an official letter of Acceptance and a welcome package. Please make sure that you have received the confirmation of acceptance, before you reach our university.


Incoming students must send at least 2 weeks before the deadline expiration their draft and unsigned Learning Agreement to the Departmental Coordinator Prof. Spiros Zervos by email ( for validation before the official application.

5. Additional Information

For more information

Departmental Coordinator: Prof. Spiros Zervos,

International Academic Issues & Students Exchange Department: Stefanos Peroulis,

International Office (ERASMUS) website:


Registration Information


University of West Attica (UNIWA) Campus 2

International Academic Issues & Students Exchange Department

Tel: +30 210 538 1415 Fax: +30 210 561 3703     

Petrou Ralli & Thivon 250

Egaleo, 12244 Greece

Responsible Person:

Stefanos Peroulis


Winter semester starts in the beginning of October, so Erasmus+ students should report for registration to the International and Public Relations Office between 20th – 30th September.

Spring semester starts on the first days of March, so Erasmus+ students should report to the International and Public Relations Office between 20th – 28th February.


Please be advised that application deadlines and registration dates are indicative and may change. Please check at the UNIWA international office website ( for updated information or place an inquiry by e-mail at